quarta-feira, 10 de novembro de 2010

McCarthy Trenching e mais algumas músicas

McCarthy Trenching - Wedding Song


McCarthy Trenching - I am not long for this world

http://www.team-love.com/headphones/artists/mccarthytrenching/01 I Am Not Long For This World.mp3

McCarthy Trenching - Cold Comfort

http://www.team-love.com/headphones/artists/mccarthytrenching/05 Cold Comfort.mp3

McCarthy Trenching - My Old Ways

http://www.team-love.com/headphones/artists/mccarthytrenching/12 My Old Ways.mp3

McCarthy Trenching - The wood will be awake tonight

http://www.team-love.com/headphones/artists/mccarthytrenching/11 The Wood Will Be A Wake Tonight.mp3

Outras músicas

Theodore - Back From the War


Strand of Oaks - Sister Evangeline


Strand of Oaks - End in Flames


Strand of Oaks - Bonfire

http://www.thankscaptainobviousmp3.net/content/04 Bonfire.mp3

Justin Townes Earle - Who Am I to Say?

http://www.snapdrive.net/files/545478/f11693 03 Who Am I to Say.mp3