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Eric Bibb - Uma Retrospectiva

Som agradável, sem grandes responsabilidades, para se ouvir ao fundo. Mesmo assim, disco bem feito, boas músicas (e alguns sucessos antigões - Five Hundred Miles, Bring it on Home, etc.)

Eric Bibb's music is a rich blend of the blues with elements of folk, country, gospel, and soul, thanks in part to his being the son of New York folksinger Leon Bibb, which afforded young Eric exposure to a wide variety of music and opportunities to meet performers like Pete Seeger and Bob Dylan. Bibb launched his career in Europe, performing at blues and folk festivals in London, Cambridge, and Dublin, sometimes with a full band and sometimes with slide guitarist Göran Wennerbrandt; he eventually settled permanently in Sweden, where he works as a music and voice teacher when not performing.

Eric Bibb - A Retrospective: Livin' Lovin' & Doin' (2005)
364 MB no scansMP3 CBR 320kbps 136 MBBlues/Folk 59:29

1. Eric Bibb - Livin' Lovin' & doin' (3:52)
2. Eric Bibb - Bring it on home (4:48)
3. Eric Bibb - saucer'n'cup (3:49)
4. Eric Bibb - Tell Riley (3:19)
5. Eric Bibb - For You (4:49)
6. Eric Bibb - I Heard the angels singing (4:28)
7. Eric Bibb - Every time it rains (3:24)
8. Eric Bibb - Needed time (5:01)
9. Eric Bibb - Five hundred miles (3:31)
10. Eric Bibb - Don't ever let nobody drag your spirit down (4:18)
11. Eric Bibb - Panama hat (3:33)
12. Eric Bibb - Right on time (4:14)
13. Eric Bibb - Mandela is free (4:50)
14. Eric Bibb - Gonna Walk this road (2:35)
15. Eric Bibb - Trust the Dawn (2:58)

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