sexta-feira, 18 de fevereiro de 2011

Reavaliando a Renascença

The last two decades have transformed the field of Renaissance studies, and Reconceiving the Renaissance: A Critical Reader maps this difficult terrain. Attending to the breadth of fresh approaches, the volume offers a theoretical overview of current thinking about the period. Collecting in one volume the classic and cutting-edge statements which define early modern scholarship as it is now practiced, this book is a one-stop indispensable resource for undergraduates and beginning postgraduates alike. Through a rich array of arguments by the world's leading experts, the Renaissance emerges wonderfully invigorated, while the suggestive shorter extracts, boxed questions and engaged editorial introductions give students the wherewithal and encouragement to do some reconceiving themselves.

Reconceiving the Renaissance
Ewan Fernie, Ramona Wray, Mark Thornton Burnett & Clare McManus (editors)
Oxford University Press 2005 448 pages PDF 1.3 MB