quinta-feira, 17 de fevereiro de 2011

Cérebro e Genética

"The Imprinted Brain" sets out a radical new theory of the mind and mental illness based on the recent discovery of genomic imprinting. Imprinted genes are those from one parent that, in that parent's interest, are expressed in an offspring rather than the diametrically opposed genes from the other parent. For example, a higher birth weight may represent the dominance of the father's genes in leading to a healthy child, whereas a lower birth weight is beneficial to the mother's immediate wellbeing, and the imprint of the mother's genes will result in a smaller baby.

The Imprinted Brain: How Genes Set the Balance of the Mind Between Autism and Psychosis
Christopher Badcock
Jessica Kingsley Pub. 2009 PDF 240 pages 1,2 mb