sábado, 5 de fevereiro de 2011

A melodia em musicoterapia

Melody is thought to be the 'essential core' of music. In the context of music therapy, looking at how patients develop their own melodies in improvisation can explain how they find their own voice, determine their position in relation to the world, and play an important role in how they relate to their therapist.Gudrun Aldridge and David Aldridge explore the concept of melody within its historical context and investigate current theories of melody. They make recommendations for choosing an appropriate method of analysing melodic improvisation, and utilise case studies to demonstrate these analyses in practice. They show how the interaction between patient and therapist is affected by the patient's melodic statements, and how the process of improvisation offers patients a chance to transform their inner emotions into externalised expressions."Melody in Music Therapy" is an important addition to music therapy literature, and will be of interest to music therapists, educators and students alike, as well as musicologists.

Melody In Music Therapy: A Therapeutic Narrative Analysis
Gudrun Aldridge & David Aldridge
Jessica Kingsley Publishers 2008-03-15 342 pages PDF 5 MB http://hotfile.com/dl/101012898/29e6e0f/Melody.In.Music.Therapy.rar.html