sábado, 5 de fevereiro de 2011

Bluebone - Devil Keep Chewin'

Bluebone - Devil Keep Chewin' (2009)
Label: Bluebone MP3 320Kbps Covers 129.62 MB
Genre: Electric Blues, Rockin' Blues

A BLUEBONE founder, Jay has played a variety of instruments in a wide variety of bands, including rock, country, blues, lounge acts, and he even played guitar for an Elvis impersonator.Heavily influenced by Eric Clapton, the Allman Brothers, BB, Freddie, and Albert King , his guitar weeps and hollers throughout Bluebone's music. Jay's vocals are warm and soulful, while his guitar playing is inventive and emotion-packed.A prolific songwriter, Jay has won songwriting awards from both Billboard and ASCAP. He performs these songs in Bluebone as well as in other projects with different musicians.Jay has performed on all of the Bluebone cds.

01. Devil Keep Chewin'
02. 40 Years In Bars
03. Some Buddy Like You
04. Kiddieville
05. Drownin'
06. Early In The Morning
07. Happy Damn Birthday*
08. 357
09. No is the Answer
10.Happy Cat
11. Sweet Blue Lady
12. Party Tonight

Jay Bethel (Guitar, Vocals)
Van Burriss (Bass, Vocals)
Ed Zatzariny, Pat Martucci (Drums)
George Mesterhazy (Piano)*