sexta-feira, 24 de dezembro de 2010

Um disco muito bom de Dylan Sneed

Review from the Dallas Observer:
Recorded in a rundown, remote cabin in South Carolina with a ragtag collection of capable sidemen, Texodus is Americana the old-fashioned way: It’s folk and country that sacrifices polish for heart and honesty. Over the course of its dozen cuts, Texodus plays out as a narrative about escaping the corporate rat race and discovering America by embracing the folks in the ditches. “City lights in back of me, distant as eternity” sings Sneed on the opening title cut, introducing the listener to the upcoming narrative.
Not really living anywhere since, Sneed has crisscrossed the country playing with just about anyone in just about any venue. During this jaunt, Sneed has written a bevy of songs, some of which have found their way onto Texodus, Sneed’s debut full-length effort.

On his 2007 EP, No Worse For The Wear, Sneed came across as a likeable, sensitive type who may have listened to a few too many Cat Stevens records. On Texodus, Sneed’s scope and vision are much broader. Drawing inspiration as much from the actual terrain of the country as from any musical influence, Sneed has created an autobiographical song cycle that joyfully reeks of miles spent on the road, looking for answers. And he’s even found a few.

Dylan Sneed - Texodus 2010
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