terça-feira, 21 de dezembro de 2010

Folk, Country & Blues com McTell

Ralph McTell - Somewhere down the road (2010)
MP3 320 kbps 146 MB 63: 56 minFolk,Country,Blues and Rags

This is billed as Ralph's first collection of original material for ten years, a typically modest undersell which should not overlook his reworking and rediscovery of some classic country blues and rags, Dylan and Guthrie material during that time (check out 'National Treasure' and 'Gates of Eden') and the autobiographical 'As Far As I can Tell')And this is indeed a cracker of an album. My favourite piece is Revd. Thunder, a wonderful tribute to the great Revd Gary Davis, blues and gospel picker extraordinaire. I'd defy anyone, from the first note, not to start tapping their toes and singin' along. And, as is characteristic of Ralph's songs and indeed the rest of this album, it has a narrative - sad, poignant, human, hopeful and ultimately uplifting. Ralph McTell stands head and shoulders above other ragtime and blues acoustic players because he's not just technically proficient but hugely entertaining with it and always adds an element of feel-good.

1. The London Apprentice 3:17
2. Reverend Thunder (Blind Faith) 4:37
3. Walk Into The Morning 4:16
4. Around The Wild Cape Horn 5:20
5. The Ghost Of Robert Johnson 4:48
6. Rosalinda 4:15 £0.79
7. The Break Of The Union 4:27
8. Cannabis Creek 5:03 .79
9. One Sunny Day (Aujour D'Hui Le Ciel East Bleu) 3:03
10. Moon June And A Cajun Tune 3:13
11. A Kiss In The Rain 5:33
12. The Girl On The Jersey Ferry 3:52
13. Lantern Slides 6:35
14. Somewhere Down The Road 5:36