quinta-feira, 9 de dezembro de 2010

Um disco acima da expectativa

Out Of The Blue - Shadowplay (2001)
Mp3 320 kbps 51 min 12 sec 117.86MB
Label: Armadillo Genre: Blues, Rock

Out Of The Blue was put together in 1994, by singer, guitarist and award winning songwriter Kevin Thorpe, to fulfil a one-off gig at the Colne Great British Rhythm & Blues Festival. They received such a rapturous audience reception that they decided to stick around.Out Of The Blue respect the blues tradition but they like to stretch the outside of the envelope. They look beyond the tried and tested 12 bar formula to create a modern, thoroughly original sound that fuses jazz, rock and of course blues. Whichever way you chew it, their music, with Kevin Thorpe's gravel and grit vocals, definitely comes from the heart to stir the soul. Lead guitarist Eddie Tatton is one of the hippest guitar players on the scene today, his inventiveness never ceases to amaze.

01. Unfinished Business (4:55)
02. New Woman, New Man (4:50)
03. The Truth Is Sought by a Liar (5:08)
04. Scoobie Leggett (5:08)
05. In the Cold Light of Day (5:43)
06. If You Were Gone (5:56)
07. Blow by Blow (5:10)
08. The Jungle Walk (5:25)
09. What's Your Excuse (3:46)
10. Help Yourself (5:06)
Kevin Thorpe (Guitar, Vocals)
Eddie Tatton (Lead Guitar)
Jonny Dyke, Jason Ashworth (Keyboards)
Lindsay Coulson, Scoobie Leggett (Bass)
Nigel Lobley (Drums)