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The Main Street Gospel - 1970's Sound

Main Street Gospel - Love Will Have Her Revenge (2010)
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Alternative/Indie Rock, Alternative Country Rock

"Love Will Have Her Revenge is timeless in the sense that it smears the line between mid-70s dirtbag-rawk (with its folk and country influences) and modern revivalism...Stylized but honest, the Main Street Gospel is preaching rock as religion; come on down and get saved." – Sound Fix"This dirty-jeaned trio evoke the endless sunsets of ’70s TV ads, middle-American road trips and melancholic blues blaring from AM radios...A soundscape of dreamy guitar and raw grooves evoking a face-splitting smile, tears of gratitude, and a heart full of hope and loss. One of the truly great discoveries in recent memory." – Music Australia Guide
"...A soft pummeling of big, earthy jams, which lumber past the point of lethargy and into a blissful heady crawl...A low-key, sub-stoner, Sunday record that rewards in repeated listens and stops time when looking for the infinite mellow." – The Agit Reader"...A many-tentacled, freak-folk miracle of an album. From the folkies to the hippies, the professors to the potheads, “Love Will Have Her Revenge” is, literally, for everyone." – Metro Spirit
"Lodged somewhere between the bluesy scuzz of the Black Keys and the haunted highway ramblings of Neil Young, "I Won't Be Stayin'" is one of those rare cuts that sounds both oddly familiar and intriguingly fresh. ‘Love Will Have Her Revenge,’ a wonderful album which touches upon everything from Byrds-y country rock to Spiritualized-type psychedelic mantras, will drop June 29." – SHOCKHOUND
“The Main Street Gospel dispense rather delicious morsels of cool 70s rock-channeling goodness on this, their debut LP …High on the agenda is a hip mix of country-folk, hard rock and psych rock smarts.” – Power Of Pop
“Straightforward rock and pop melodies get filtered through a psychedelic gauze, with spaced-out guitars and vocals that sound piped in from the subconscious…To my ears 'Love Will Have Her Revenge' sounds timeless.” – Michael Toland / Sleazegrinder

The Main Street Gospel is a Columbus, Ohio trio who mix psych-infused classic rock with dusty country vibes and dirt-stained blues. The band was born in 2005, when Barry Dean, former tambourine shaker for The Brian Jonestown Massacre, began writing songs with longtime friend Ryan "Tito" Ida. Adam Scoppa joined the band on drums the following year. The Main Street Gospel's debut album Love Will Have Her Revenge is 11 tracks of cool, driving rock n' roll and is sure to please bluesy alternative country, classic rock and psych fans.

Like seventy or so other people, Barry Dean, singer/guitarist for The Main Street Gospel, did a stint in The Brian Jonestown Massacre before moving to Columbus, Ohio. The experience must not have left him too scarred, as he played in the short-lived, brilliant-for-a-minute Bravado soon after his arrival, before forming The Main Street Gospel with bassist Tito Ida and, eventually, drummer Adam Scoppa. The trio has spent the last five years fashioning a blend of Stones, Nuggets, and VU cut from a cloth similar to that of the BJM, culminating with Love Will Have Her Revenge, the band’s debut album. Though cumulatively the record exhibits the Gospel’s penchant for lysergic riffing on a theme, there’s enough track-to-track variation to keep this trip from becoming redundant. Between the lovesick dirge of the title track and the feedback-fed catharsis of the closing “Sweet Summer Rain” are points of interest like the thick stoudt of “I Won’t Be Stayin’,” which is more reminiscent of Teepee’s stoner staples than the rest of the record, and the evincing jingle-jangle of “Losing Sleep.” However, it’s on longer cuts like “Ready to Shine” that Dean and his mates hit gold, finding the perfect assemblance of repetition and noise.
1 Love Will Have Her Revenge
2 I Won't Be Stayin'
3 Fools Gold
4 Getting Through
5 Ready To Shine
6 Truly (Hymn)
7 She's A Disease
8 Losing Sleep
9 Give Your Love Away
10 Lay It On The Line