domingo, 26 de dezembro de 2010

O Multiverso Antrópico Holográfico

Com um nome assim, esse livro tem que ser legal. Vejamos.

Every hundred years or so, a unique groundbreaking Copernican class volume arises unexpectedly. From ashes long thought cold of Einstein's static universe model, for the first time technically viable alternative interpretations to all pillars of Big Bang cosmology are presented in the context of a profound new continuous-state cosmological paradigm able to elucidate many contemporary problems plaguing the standard model of particle physics. The cosmology provides an alternative derivation of the string/brane tension formalism derived from large-scale additional dimensions that leads to a putative unique background-independent string vacuum without requiring the Higgs mechanism or SUSY superpartners. Breakthroughs presented, arising from the broad spectrum of explanatory power, include an empirical protocol for violation of the quantum uncertainty principle that provides a viable model for the implementation of universal bulk quantum computing. Other developments naturally arising from utility of the new regime include a design for constructing de Broglie-type matter-wave projectile defense shields with far-reaching consequences.

Demise of the Big Bang -- A Philosophical Conundrum
Extending the Standard Model: Towards the Ultimate Evolution of String Theory
Fundamental Parameters for a Continuous-State Holographic Anthropic Multiverse
An Alternative Derivation of String Tension Determining a Unique Background Independent String Vacuum
Formalizing the Ultimate Geometry of Reality: Dimensionality, Awareness and Arrow of Time Integration of Gravity & Electromagnetism in Terms of a Dirac Polarized Vacuum Redshift/CMBR as Intrinsic Blackbody Cavity-QED Absorption/Emission Equilibrium Dynamics
Implications of Multidimensional Geometries and Measurement
Probability 1: An Empirical Protocol for Surmounting Quantum Uncertainty
On the Possibility of Relativistic Shock-Wave Effects in Observations of Quasar Luminosity
The Bulk Implementation of Universal Scalable Quantum Computing
Practical Matter-Wave Antiballistic Defense Shield Technologies
Is a Different Search Protocol Required for Success in SETI Research?

The Holographic Anthropic Multiverse: Formalizing the Complex Geometry of Reality
Richard L. Amoroso, Elizabeth A. Rauscher
World Scientific Publishing Company 2009 512 pages PDF 7,5 MB