quinta-feira, 27 de janeiro de 2011

Progressos na recuperação de informações musicais

Sound waves propagate through various media, and allow communication or entertainment for us, humans. Music we hear or create can be perceived in such aspects as rhythm, melody, harmony, timbre, or mood. All these elements of music can be of interest for users of music information retrieval systems. Since vast music repositories are available for everyone in everyday use (both in private collections, and in the Internet), it is desirable and becomes necessary to browse music collections by contents. Therefore, music information retrieval can be potentially of interest for every user of computers and the Internet. There is a lot of research performed in music information retrieval domain, and the outcomes, as well as trends in this research, are certainly worth popularizing. This idea motivated us to prepare the book on Advances in Music Information Retrieval.

Advances in Music Information Retrieval
Zbigniew W. Ras & Alicjia A. Wieczorkowska (edits)
Springer; 1st Edition 2010) Pages: 420 PDF 5.28 MB http://www.filesonic.com/file/65084295/3935.rar