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O melhor dos Jayhawks

The Jayhawks – Tomorrow the Green Grass 2CD
Original recording remastered (2011)
mp3 VBR~256 kbps 246 MB (5% recovery inf.) January 18, 2011Alternative Country-Rock, Americana, Alternative/Indie Rock, Alt-Country

The liner notes to the Jayhawks' career-making 1992 album, Hollywood Town Hall, were written by friend-of-the-band Joe Henry, then a struggling musician himself (and now one of the most prolific producers around). In just a few short paragraphs, Henry evokes not so much the music made by the Minneapolis band, but presumably what the music was about: wayward drifters with sad histories who disappeared, hitting the road in search of better times. The Jayhawks were never so down on their luck as their characters, but they were drifters just the same, ostensibly headquartered in the Twin Cities but always traveling to the next show and the next show after that. In the late 1980s and early 90s, they stayed on the road almost constantly, paying their dues and gradually playing to larger and larger audiences. They were alt-country merely by coincidence, gestating in isolation and predating the movement by several years. The band incorporated a wide range of styles and influences into their stately Americana, not just country and certainly not punk, but classic rock, folk, power pop, and lots of feedback from Gary Louris fuzzbox-filtered guitar-- all seemingly absorbed with every mile of road traveled and every city played.What the Jayhawks never drifted toward was success-- at least not the kind that they and their fans felt the music warranted. Even so, a full 25 years after forming, the Jayhawks don't come across as also-rans, which is itself a minor miracle. Hollywood Town Hall and Tomorrow the Green Grass still live and breathe, and these two new, long-awaited reissues sound like the logical conclusions of a legacy-shaping campaign that began with 2009's career retrospective, Music From the North Country. Neither of these albums was a hit, exactly, but they have endured to become something more impressive. They show the Jayhawks unmoored from any one particular trend or style, devising new ways to combine roots and rock without skimping on either. (...) Pitchfork

Disc 1
1. Blue
2. I'd Run Away
3. Miss Williams Guitar
4. Two Hearts
5. Real Light
6. Over My Shoulder
7. Bad Time
8. See Him On The Street
9. Nothing Left To Borrow
10. Ann Jane
11. Pray For Me
12. Red s Song
13. Ten Little Kids
14. Tomorrow The Green Grass
15. You And I (Ba-Ba-Ba)
16. Sweet Hobo Self
17. Last Cigarette
18. Sleep While You Can
Disc 2
1. Pray For Me
2. Won't Be Coming Home
3. No Place
4. Precious Time
5. Poor Michael's Boat
6. Ranch House In Phoenix
7. Cotton Dress
8. She Picks The Violets
9. Bloody Hands
10. Up Above The River
11. Over My Shoulder
12. Blue From Now On (take 2)
13. Hold Me Close
14. Turn Your Pretty Name Around
15. You And I (Ba-Ba-Ba)
16. Red s Song
17. Nothing Left To Borrow