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The Maldives

The Maldives - Listen To The Thunder (2009)
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Alternative Country-Rock, Americana, Alternative/ Indie Rock

One of the most promising bands on the Pacific Northwest's roots rock scene, the Maldives are an expansive nine-piece band whose music recalls the mature and graceful storytelling of the Band and the rougher, more forceful attack of alt-country acts such as the Old 97's and the Drive-By Truckers. The Maldives (named for a string of islands in the Indian Ocean) are led by lead vocalist, guitarist, and songwriter Jason Dodson, who formed the band in early 2002, not long after relocating to Vancouver, WA from his native Virginia. Dodson and guitarist Jason Bonn originally conceived the Maldives as a band playing indie pop influenced by the Flaming Lips and Wilco, but Dodson became disenchanted with the style and his songwriting started moving into a country-influenced direction. During the early years of the Maldives, musicians came in and out of the lineup at a heady pace (Dodson told a journalist in 2006 that approximately 30 people had joined and quit the band by that point), and for a while Dodson was using the name while touring as a solo act. Near the end of 2004, Dodson was set to play a show at Seattle's renowned roots music venue the Tractor Tavern, and he asked Bonn and fellow guitarist Tim Gadbois to join him for the show; the performance was a success that sparked a new beginning for the Maldives, and soon the trio was joined by bassist Chris Warner, Chris Zasche on pedal steel and keyboards, and drummer Ryan McMackin. This lineup recorded the Maldives' self-titled debut album in 2005, which was released by Dodson a year later once he pulled together the money for mastering and pressing. Before long, three more members were added to the group -- Kevin Barrans on banjo, accordion, and keyboards, Seth Warren on violin, and Tomo Nakayama on percussion and keyboards -- and word began to spread through the Northwest about the group's impressive, dynamic live shows and Dodson's intelligent, nuanced songwriting. In the fall of 2009, the nine-piece Maldives, cited by several local critics as one of Washington's best live bands, released Listen to the Thunder through the independent label Mt. Fuji Records. --> AMG

When they are ruling the sold-out stages of Ballard Ave. and beyond, The Maldives are full-on Wrangler head-bangers. They’re a lot country and a lot rock‘n roll, because there is nothing little about The Maldives–not their nine full-time members, their sound, or their potential. But as big as they are on stage, there’s a delicateness to their album Listen to the Thunder.In the adept hands of Kory Kruckenberg, not a one of those nine-instruments overshadows Jason Dodson’s twang-tinged vocals or his poetic every-man lyrics. Whether it’s Seth Warren’s fiddle or the singing of Chris Zaches’ pedal steel, each instrument in The Maldives vast country orchestra cradles Dodson’s songs, enhancing a complex mood the lyrics are setting. Dodson writes songs that come from a place of living life, not fighting it, and it celebrates that life without glossing over its sadness. Listen to the Thunder is as much about life’s burden as it is about it’s beauty, and at any given moment it’s equally likely to tug at your heartstrings as get your blood pumping. They may be one of Seattle’s biggest bands (literally and figuratively), but as the album reveals, there’s more to The Maldives than meets the eye.

1 Goodbye
2 Time Is Right Now
3 Cold November
4 Say Nothing
5 Do You Still
6 Tequila Sunday
7 Whidbey Island Blues
8 The New One
9 Blood Relations
10 Walk Away