terça-feira, 25 de janeiro de 2011

Dá pro gasto

Mick / Mintz Project - Prescription For The Blues (2009)
Mp3 320Kbps 53 min 51 sec 121.61 Mb
Genre: Electric Blues, Blues-Rock

Como diz o título, dá pro gasto. Vale fazer o download porque esse CD tem músicas excelentes, mas: (1) começar com um instrumental morno? (2) "Tomorrow Never Knows" (Beatles) apenas instrumental? Etc. Carácoles.

Fill yours now! "Prescription For the Blues," A Mick/Mintz Project, is first fruit of the musical collision of guitarist Joe Mick and bassist Ari "Doc o Rock" Mintz. Within months of their introduction at the Gary Gand Pro Blues Jam, the pair began the studio work that grew to involve many of the fine players who attend the legendary Tuesday night sessions.On this CD, many soulful soloists - frequently Mick and the guitarist Gand himself, combine with fine vocalists and the tightly nuanced Mintz/Shaffer rhythm section, treating the listener to fifteen tracks of addictive blues, jazz, and/or rock that is sure to cure whatever ails!

01. Stevie's New Shoes
02. You Think You Got The Blues
03. Amelia
04. Wang Dang Doodle
05. That's What She Said
06. Finest Lovin' Man
07. Deny, Deny, Deny
08. Southside Loving
09. Tomorrow Never Knows
10. Get In Line
11. Ebony 27
12. In Your Grace
13. Bad Bad Daddy
14. Leave Go My Bones