sábado, 11 de junho de 2011

Psicologia Fenomenológica

This is a student friendly and comprehensive introduction to phenomenological theory and methods: the study of phenomena, rather than the science of being. Popular as phenomenology is in qualitative analysis, this text is unique in its inclusion of practical material, something that will enable students to effectively apply this approach to their research. From the Back Cover“Provides a clear grounding in the philosophical bases of the different strands of phenomenological psychology, and clear descriptions of how to actually carry out research within each of the main traditions. Lively and informative examples of real projects are used throughout.”Dr Nigel King, Reader in Psychology, University of Huddersfield 'A timely and very readable introduction to phenomenology for the psychological audience. Langdridge very successfully leads the reader through the basics of phenomenology towards practical insights into the breadth and scope of a variety of contemporary phenomenological perspectives and their application within psychological research. ' Dr. Paul Flowers, Reader in Psychology, Glasgow Caledonian UniversityPhenomenological Psychology provides a comprehensive, accessible and practical introduction to phenomenological theory, research and methods. Detailed and extensive examples of real research are included throughout to encourage an applied and critical understanding.The book moves from descriptive through to more interpretative phenomenological methods to enable the reader to learn to use the main approaches to phenomenological psychology, and to understand the similarities and differences between the different approaches.

Phenomenological Psychology: Theory, Research and Method
Darren Langdridge