sábado, 25 de junho de 2011

A consciência nos processos cognitivos

Fifteen of the foremost scientists in this field presented testable theoretical models of consciousness and discussed how our understanding of the role that consciousness plays in our cognitive processes is being refined with some surprising results.

1. Missing Links in the Evolution of Language - S. Terrace
2. Consciousness as a Decision to Engage - Michael N. Shadlen and Roozbeh Kiani
3. Thinking About Brain and Consciousness - Antonio Damasio
4. The Global Neuronal Workspace Model of Conscious Access: From Neuronal Architectures to Clinical Applications - Stanislas Dehaene, Jean-Pierre Changeux, and Lionel Naccache
5. Disorders of Consciousness: What Do We Know? - Camille Chatelle, Steven Laureys, and Caroline Schnakers
6. When Thoughts Become Actions: Imaging Disorders of Consciousness - Adrian M. Owen
7. Rhythmic Neuronal Synchronization Subserves Selective Attentional Processing - Thilo Womelsdorf and Pascal Fries
8. Studying Consciousness Using Direct Recording from Single Neurons in the Human Brain - Moran Cerf and Michael Mackay
9. Intrinsic Activity and Consciousness - Marcus E. Raichle
10. Beyond Libet: Long-Term Prediction of Free Choices from Neuroimaging Signals -
John-Dylan Haynes
11. Subliminal Motivation of the Human Brain - Mathias Pessiglione
12. From Conscious Motor Intention to Movement Awareness - E.A. Fridman, M. Desmurget, and A. Sirigu

Characterizing Consciousness: From Cognition to the Clinic?
Stanislas Dehaene & Y. Christen (edits)

Springer 2011 PDF 220 pages 2.2 MB