terça-feira, 28 de junho de 2011

Little Brave

Little Brave - Wound and Will 2011

She, once known as Stephanie Briggs, has almost completed her transformation. Once, she was defined by a name. It was given to her long ago. Long before all of this. Before Stephanie the artist found her true eye. And of course, before Stephanie the writer found her true song. Having found those things—having found herself wrapped in them wholly, she realized that she needed something different—a name not to call herself, but for others to call what it is that she so rightfully does. The look of it. The sound of it. And so, Little Brave was born.

1. Mercy
2. Cut and Paste
3. Fool
4. Time to Forget
5. You didn't mean it
6. Blame
7. It's coming out tonight
8. The Invitation
9. Ruin Mine
10. Monster