terça-feira, 3 de maio de 2011

Old Calf - Borrow a Horse

Essa capa horripilante esconde um CD simpático, bem tocado e bem cantado, com excelentes músicas.

Old Calf - Borrow a Horse (2011)

mp3 CBR 320 kbps 85 MB (+5% recovery inf.) Release date Apr 12, 2011.

Americana, Folk-Rock, Alternative/Indie Rock

Ned Oldham (brother of a certain Will Oldham) has been plugging away for some time with his band The Anomoanon, which now has given way to a new moniker for the old tricks. ‘Borrow a Horse’ isn’t your common or garden debut album though.On this album, Oldham has gathered a number of ancient and traditional folk song lyrics, ands set them to his newly written musical arrangements. Something of a folklore tradition in itself. Judging by some of the themes that appear through the album, Oldham seems to have borrowed freely from the traditions of both British and American folklore to collect these songs. To state that he has updated them may be a tiny step too far though, as most of the songs and stories are now housed in a soft country rock, and harmony-drenched acoustic folk-rock hue that often sound deeply rooted in the comfortable sound of the American singer-songwriter boom of the early 70s.The gently delivered ‘When I was Taken’ is among the best moments here and wouldn’t sound out of place on a Jayhawks setlist. ‘Do Not Play With Gypsies’ also passes muster with its sultry acoustic rock groove, augmented by pedal steel and playful piano figures, which musically, at least briefly, all recalls early ‘70s Kinks. The spirit of Fairport Convention is never far from a number of the other noteworthy songs also (‘Henry was a Worthy King’, ‘..Village of Erith’ etc) The excellent ‘Far From Home’ stretches out into a little Wilco-esque sonic exploration after the melody is done, but for the most part its well executed folk-rock that is the stock in trade.Oldham displays a soft attractive croon on these eleven tracks, which in itself tellingly lays somewhere comfortably between James Taylor and Lindsey Buckingham in timbre and melodic sensibility also. To a certain way of thinking these songs have been updated, or rather re-imagined, but still in a rather knowingly retro way. In fact there’s no evidence that any of this was made any time after 1972. It adds up to ‘Borrow a Horse’ being a perfectly pleasant if unremarkable listen. - Americana-UK


1 I Saw a Peacock With a Fiery Tail

2 Bonny Cuckoo

3 When I Was Taken

4 Follow My Bangalorey Man

5 Do Not Play With Gypsies

6 Far From Home

7 Stool-Ball

8 A Gift, a Ghost/Monday Alone

9 There Are Men In the Village of Erith

10 Henry Was a Worthy King