domingo, 15 de maio de 2011

CD novo de Christopher Cross

Não é o C. Cross de sempre, mas dá pro gasto...

Christopher Cross - Doctor Faith (2011)

MP3 VBR ~231 kbps 88 MB Cover

With "Doctor Faith", Christopher Cross shows his full potential as a songwriter and very talented musician and delivers an album with each song being more beautiful than the one before. Being a very guitar based album "Doctor Faith" represents a departure for the artist, as although he has always written on guitar, his earlier albums were done more from a keyboard-based sound production. The album may surprise some people, not only because of its mesmerizing energy and freshness but also because it shows the social awareness of an artist who's been in the business for more than three decades - reflecting about what's going on in the world, in the society, between the generations and in the common day-to-day life. Take for example the uplifting, very forward-thinking opener, "Hey Kid" or the multi-layered song, "I'm Too Old For This", which is a critical observation of the American society. Another very impressive side of Cross' songwriting qualities is shown in the title track "Doctor Faith" where the superb Michael McDonald gives the patient of "Doctor Faith" a very plaintive voice. The album is by all means a new Christopher Cross masterpiece and will surely match all expectations. (


01. Hey Kid (03:32)

02. I'm Too Old For This (04:15)

03. When You Come Home (04:26)

04. Dreamers (04:01)

05. November (03:25)

06. Leave It To Me (03:53)

07. Doctor Faith (03:51)

08. Rescue (04:33)

09. Help Me Cry (04:29)

10. Still I Resist (04:51)

11. Poor Man's Ecstacy (03:40)

12. Everything (04:38)

13. Prayin' (03:20)

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