quarta-feira, 18 de maio de 2011

Dylan reinterpretado por Thea Gilmore

Pensei que ia morrer de raiva ao ouvir essa pinóia, mas nada compromete. É uma versão perfeitamente audível do grande disco John Wesley Harding, de Bob Dylan, de onde saiu pelo menos um enorme sucesso internacional na interpretação de Jimmi Hendrix, All Along the Watchtower. Bem, pelo menos há o que criticar: TG parece que não entendeu a ferocidade psicodélica da música mais misteriosa de Dylan. Até hoje nunca ouvi qualquer pessoa (nem o próprio Dylan) dizer que All Along the Watchtower tem qualquer sentido, ainda que não destoe um centigrama da coesão narrativa do disco - uma opinião altamente subjetiva, reconheço, mas da qual não abro mão. Os comentários de TG sobre a unidade artística do original (ver último parágrafo, abaixo) são uma expressão de minha própria opinião sobre o esse discaço de Dylan.

Thea Gilmore – John Wesley Harding (2011)

mp3 CBR 320 kbps 98 MB Release date: May 10, 2011

Folk, Adult Alternative Pop/Rock, Contemporary Singer/Songwriter

“Can one – should one – attempt to re-record, reinterpret, a forty-year old, somewhat legendary piece of work, a piece of work which could be argued to be inseparable from its author? Probably not.”It seems that Thea Gilmore is not in the habit of listening to her own advice, because next month she releases a track-for-track reimagining of one of her favourite Bob Dylan albums – a process that began way back in 2002 when she recorded a version of ‘I Dreamed I Saw St Augustine’ for a Uncut magazine covermount (it later appeared on her covers/rarities album, Songs From The Gutter). Thea’s take on the song was well received, and spread far and wide. Indeed, when Thea met Bruce Springsteen for the first time in 2008, he hurried to praise her recording, calling it “one of the great Dylan covers”; “I may have blushed, I can’t remember…” writes Thea.Reuniting with guitarist Robbie McIntosh and drummer Paul Beavis, who had both played on the ‘Augustine’ cover, Thea and husband/bassist/producer Nigel Stonier went back into the studio in February to record the rest of the album tracks.“I’ve always thought that, whilst clearly other Dylan albums may have more ‘famous’ and ‘iconic’ songs, and more of those moments that are alleged to have changed music forever, [John Wesley Harding] is his most sustained, satisfying record,” says Thea. “It runs beautifully from start to finish, songs bounce off each other, characters seemed unfathomably but implicitly linked, and the sense of earthiness and economy in Bob’s lyrics is startling.”


01. John Wesley Harding (2:54)

02. As I Went Out One Morning (4:05)

03. I Dreamed I Saw St Augustine (4:45)

04. All Along The Watchtower (3:09)

05. Ballad Of Frankie Lee And Judas Priest (4:27)

06. The Drifter's Escape (2:58)

07. Dear Landlord (3:28)

08. I Am A Lonesome Hobo (2:29)

09. I Pity The Poor Immigrant (4:46)

10. The Wicked Messenger (2:00)

11. Down Along The Cove (3:55)

12. I'll Be Your Baby Tonight (3:27)