segunda-feira, 9 de maio de 2011

Escrevendo seu trabalho científico em inglês

Esse ensaio parece bastante completo (ver os tópicos mais abaixo). Sempre ajuda...

This handbook has been designed to be a reference book and guide for researchers who have to write up their scientific work in English and who may need help to compose and write more clearly and accurately in the language.


Foreword, Types of Writing, Scientific Articles, Research Papers, Proposals, Composition, Titles, Planning your Writing, Paragraph Writing, Introductions, Writing the Main Body, Conclusions, Sections of a ResearchPaper, Describing Tables and Graphs, Referencing, Plagiarism, Abstracts, Summary Writing, Style, Objectivity, Clarity, Formality, Hedging, Signposting, Language functions, Agreeing and Disagreeing, Classifying, Comparing and Contrasting, Defining, Emphasising, Generalising, Paraphrasing, Quoting, Grammar, Adverbs, Articles, Numbers, Passive Voice, Punctuation, Verb Tenses, Word Order, Words, Abbreviations, Prefixes, Suffixes

Writing in English: a Practical Handbook for Scientific and Technical Writers

  1. Zuzana Svobodova, Technical University Brno, Czech Republic

  2. Heidrun Katzorke and Ursula Jaekel, Technische Universität, Chemnitz, Germany

  3. Stefania Dugovicova and Mike Scoggin, Comenius University, Bratislava, Slovakia

  4. Peter Treacher, ELT Centre, University of Essex, England
    European Commission Leonardo da Vinci programme Pages: 74 PDF 1.96 MB ou