terça-feira, 15 de março de 2011

Dougie MacLean - Inside the Thunder

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Dougie MacLean - Inside the Thunder (2006)
MP3 CBR 320Kbps / 118 Mb 10 tracks Covers
Scottish Folk Dunkeld Records / Blix Street Records RAR Time: 45:28

The pervading mood on Inside the Thunder, Dougie MacLean's first album in several years, is sadness. The title comes from "Song for Johnny," a tribute to the late Johnny Cunningham, who was once replaced by MacLean in the band Silly Wizard. "It seems we never learned to play it slow," MacLean sings, "We just danced inside the thunder." But on the album, he seems to have learned finally to play it slow. These are deliberately paced songs with attractive folk-rock arrangements, many of the instruments played by MacLean's son Jamie MacLean, who also produced, engineered, mixed, and even mastered the record. MacLean sings them wistfully and with occasional touches of anger...

1. Not Look Down (4:27)
2. Song for Johnny (3:59)
3. Home (4:39)
4. Seventh Sea (5:28)
5. Strathmore (5:21)
6. Eternally You (5:26)
7. Open Fields (4:24)
8. It's Not for Me (3:33)
9. Into the Flames (4:30)
10. Beside You (3:43)
Ross Ainslie - Whistle (Human)
Gordon Duncan - Bagpipes, Whistle (Human)
Al Ferguson - Guitar (Electric)
Greg Lawson - Viola, Violin