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Caedmon (1978)

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Caedmon - Caedmon (1978) 2006

Kissing Spell KSCD9450-1] Folk-Rock

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In 1978, a small christian folk rock band in Edinburgh released a farewell album to celebrate six years of making music together. The album was made on a shoestring budget and only 500 copies were pressed. The musicians went their separate ways.Thirty years later, the record has become a collectors item. A CD version is available on Amazon and it has been described as one of the best folk rock albums of the seventies...


1. Ten Maidens Fair

2. Maker Man

3. Death of a Fox

4. Sea Song

5. Aslan

6. Beyond the Second Mile

7. Living in the Sunshine

8. Storm

9. Columbas' Song

10. Smile on Your Face

11. Caedmon's Hymn

12. Give Me....


Jim Bisset — Electric and acoustic guitars, vocals

Simon Jaquet — Acoustic guitar, mandolin, bongos, vocals

Angela Naylor — Lead vocals

Ken Patterson — Keyboards, cello, acoustic guitar, vocals

Sam Wilson — Bass guitar, vocals