sexta-feira, 25 de março de 2011

30 Pounds of Bone – Method

Não é nenhuma maravilha, mas dá pro gasto.

30 Pounds of Bone – Method (2010)
mp3 VBR~224 kbps 86 MB Alternative Folk, Americana

Recorded within four days in his bedroom, one man multi-instrumentalist Johnny Lamb has produced a dark, but at times, jaunty album.Covering a love affair with whiskey, which costs him the girl, being eaten by the dead and working for a racist café owner in Plymouth, this CD covers subjects that don’t tend to be heard about on a regular basis. A lover of the sea, Lamb regales us with tales of the ocean and his obsession with all things watery; probably as a result of his childhood being bought up on the Shetland isle of Unst. This is a melting pot of traditional folk and contemporary influences. ‘Crack Shandy in the Harbour’ is a true account of his time at that Plymouth café where narcotics anonymous held their meetings. ‘All For Me Grogg’ is a reinterpretation of the traditional Irish song made famous by the Clancy Brothers. Dark lyrics delivered with solemnity, make this an album that shouldn’t be listened to when feeling down, but as a backdrop to a cold winters evening it’s mighty satisfying. AmericanaUK

1. Crack Shandy In The Harbour (02:59)
2. How We Applaud The Unhappiness Of The Songwriter (03:03)
3. All For Me Grogg (04:58)
4. A Lesson In Talking (03:16)
5. The Fishery (05:07)
6. Ghosts In The Grass (04:09)
7. Island’s Ode To The Itinerant (04:28)
8. Crutches (03:08)
9. Darling (04:33)