quarta-feira, 23 de março de 2011

Cognição, Cérebro e Consciência

A textbook for psychology, neuroscience, pre-medical students, and everybody interested in the neuroscience of cognition. A wave of new research is transforming our understanding of the human mind and brain. Many educational fields now require a basic understanding of the new topic of cognitive neuroscience. However, available textbooks are written more for biology audiences than for psychology and related majors. This text aims to bridge that gap. A background in biology of neuroscience is not required. The thematic approach builds on widely understood concepts in psychology, such as working memory, selective attention, and social cognition. Edited by two leading experts in the field, the book guides the reader along a clear path to understand the latest findings.

Cognition, Brain, and Consciousness: Introduction to Cognitive Neuroscience
Bernard J. Baars & Nicole M. Gage