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Ougenweide - Progressive Folk Rock

Ougenweide - Ohrenschmaus & Eulenspiegel (1976) [Reissue 2006]
MP3 CBR 320 kbps 216 MB Covers and comments included
Progressive Folk Rock - Bear Family Records

Ougenweide was one the most significant German folk-rock bands of the seventies. This reissue of the next two Ougenweide albums is one of 2006's best news for folk prog fans. Both this release and the preceding one have superb booklets with an extensive group history (English/German), including loads of photos (including the booklet’s covers), both albums’ full artworks reproduced as well as the totality of the lyrics printed as well. While Ohrenschmaus is just an excellent, dynamic (and typical) album of theirs, the other one, Eulenspiegel is really the most charming and narrative of their discography.

01. Bombarde-Ment
02. Kommt, ihr Jungfern, helft mir klagen
03. Eines Freitags im Wald
04. Pferdesegen (Contra Uermes)
05. Bald anders
06. Im Badehaus
07. Owê wie jǽmerlÎche
08. Engelboltes Tochter Aven
09. Rumet uz die schaemel und die stuele
10 Al fol
11. Der Schlemihl
12. Merseburger Spieluhr
13. Till
14. Tyllurius Spiegelius
15. Der Hofmaler
16. Till und die Gelehrten
17. Tills Ende und Vermachtnis
18. Welscher Tanz und Hupfauf
19. Totus floreo
20. Wol mich der Stunde
21. Durch den ermel gat daz loch
22. Enzio