segunda-feira, 9 de janeiro de 2012


Blueneck - Repetitions 2011

Blueneck are perhaps one of England’s best kept secrets when it comes to post-rock. Since 2006 the band have released two albums of truly haunting and heart-breaking music, the band concentrating more on texture and mood rather than sticking to the trademark quiet-loud dynamic. While there still are traces of that element in their music, the eighteen months it took to create new album Repetitions have resulted in a record that wastes no time in enveloping the listener in a sparse, delicate and incredibly sad atmosphere. …

01. Pneumothorax
02. Sawbones
03. Venger
04. Sleeping Through A Storm
05. Una Salus Victus
06. Ellipsis
07. Barriers Down
08. The Last Refuge
09. Lopuss