quinta-feira, 12 de janeiro de 2012

A evolução da cultura

Parece até que encomendei essa postagem, depois da "Conversando com Mark Pagel" de outro dia, mas não faz diferença - como tudo o que é aleatório. Tomara que seja um livraço.

Culture, broadly defined as all we learn from others that endures for long enough to generate customs and traditions, shapes vast swathes of our lives and has allowed the human species to dominate the planet in an evolutionarily unique way. Our 'capacity for culture' appears so distinctive among animals that it is often thought to separate we cultural beings from the rest of nature and the Darwinian forces that shape it. 'Culture Evolves' presents a different view arising from the recent discoveries of a diverse range of disciplines, that instead focus on evolutionary continuities. First, recent studies reveal that learning from others and the transmission of traditions are more widespread and significant across the animal kingdom than earlier recognized, helping us understand the evolutionary roots of culture. Second, archaeological discoveries have pushed back the origins of human culture to much more ancient times than traditionally thought.

Culture evolves (Philosophical Transactions of the Royal Society series B)
Andrew Whiten
The Royal Society edition 2011 PDF 257 pages 9,61 mb