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Critical Neuroscience

Critical Neuroscience: A Handbook of the Social and Cultural Contexts of Neuroscience
Suparna Choudhury & Jan Slaby (editors)
PDF 2.7 MB 416 pgs

Capítulos e Autores:
Preface xiii
Introduction: Critical Neuroscience—Between Lifeworld and Laboratory 1
Suparna Choudhury and Jan Slaby
Part I—Motivations and Foundations 27
1 Proposal for a Critical Neuroscience 29
Jan Slaby and Suparna Choudhury
2 The Need for a Critical Neuroscience: From Neuroideology to Neurotechnology 53
Steven Rose
3 Against First Nature: Critical Theory and Neuroscience 67
Martin Hartmann
4 Scanning the Lifeworld: Toward a Critical Neuroscience of Action and Interaction 85
Shaun Gallagher
Part II—Histories of the Brain 111
5 Toys are Us: Models and Metaphors in Brain Research 113
Cornelius Borck
6 The Neuromance of Cerebral History 135
Max Stadler
7 Empathic Cruelty and the Origins of the Social Brain 159
Allan Young
Part III— Neuroscience in Context: From Laboratory to Lifeworld 177
8 Disrupting Images: Neuroscientific Representations in the Lives of Psychiatric Patients 179
Simon Cohn
9 Critically Producing Brain Images of Mind 195
Joseph Dumit
10 Radical Reductions: Neurophysiology, Politics and Personhood in Russian Addiction Medicine 227
Eugene Raikhel
11 Delirious Brain Chemistry and Controlled Culture: Exploring the Contextual Mediation of Drug Effects 253
Nicolas Langlitz
Part IV— Situating the Brain: From Lifeworld Back to Laboratory? 263
12 From Neuroimaging to Tea Leaves in the Bottom of a Cup 265
Amir Raz
13 The Salmon of Doubt: Six Months of Methodological Controversy within Social Neuroscience 273
Daniel S. Margulies
14 Cultural Neuroscience as Critical Neuroscience in Practice 287
Joan Y. Chiao and Bobby K. Cheon
Part V— Beyond Neural Correlates: Ecological Approaches to Psychiatry 305
15 Re-Socializing Psychiatry: Critical Neuroscience and the Limits of Reductionism 307
Laurence J. Kirmayer and Ian Gold
16 Are Mental Illnesses Diseases of the Brain? 331
Thomas Fuchs
17 Are there Neural Correlates of Depression? 345
Fernando Vidal and Francisco Ortega
18 The Future of Critical Neuroscience 367
Laurence J. Kirmayer
Index 385