quinta-feira, 24 de novembro de 2011

O Admirável Cérebro Novo

This fascinating and highly accessible book presents fantastic but totally feasible projections of what your brain may be capable of in the near future. It shows how scientific breakthroughs and amazing research are turning science fiction into science fact. In this brave new book, you'll explore:
How partnerships between biological sciences and technology are helping the deaf hear, the blind see, and the paralyzed communicate.
How our brains can repair and improve themselves, erase traumatic memories
How we can stay mentally alert longer—and how we may be able to halt or even reverse Alzheimers
How we can control technology with brain waves, including prosthetic devices, machinery, computers—and even spaceships or clones.
Insights into how science may cure fatal diseases, and improve our intellectual and physical productivity
Judith Horstman presents a highly informative and entertaining look at the future of your brain, based on articles from Scientific American and Scientific American Mind magazines, and the work of today’s visionary neuroscientists.

The Scientific American Brave New Brain
Judith Horstman
Jоssey-Bаss 2010 PDF 208 pages 4.32 MB