quarta-feira, 2 de novembro de 2011

Excelente artigo

The Evolution of Human Origins
Carol Ward
American Anthropologist 105(1):77-88. 2003

Abstract. Because humans are the product of our evolutionary past, learning how we evolved is fundamental to all anthropological investigations. We now realize that reconstructing why unique human attributes evolved requires an understanding of our starting point, but this is a relatively recent perspective. One hundred years ago, the question of human origins was identical to that of hominin origins. Accepting Australopithecus into human ancestry, coupled with the modern synthesis of evolution, led anthropologists to consider humans as products of natural selection. They realized that increased intelligence did not initially distinguish our lineage, and that early hominins were apelike in many ways. Australopithecus brought bipedalityr and brain expansion came with Homo. Because the human mind and behavior are products of evolution, we must reconstruct the selective pressures that shaped our lineage in order to understand ourselves today. Paleoanthropology, as with all anthropology, is becoming ever more question oriented, drawing on many areas of inquiry.