quarta-feira, 26 de outubro de 2011

Così Fan Tutte

A fundamental reassessment of the early history of Cosí Fan Tutte and a major contribution to its critical evaluation as a work of art. The author's scrutiny of the autograph score unleashes a torrent of information on how Mozart composed the opera, how he changed his mind or felt compelled to change his mind, how the nature of the work itself changed and, most startlingly, a frank exposure of its many unresolved issues. The detective work has the thrill of the chase, but the material will appeal beyond Mozart scholars to opera historians, biographers, musicologists, producers, conductors, performers, and those involved in performance practice.
Professor David Wyn Jones, Cardiff University

Mozart's Cosi Fan Tutte: a Compositional History
Ian Woodfield
Boydell Press 2008 264 pages PDF 4 MB