segunda-feira, 18 de julho de 2011

Small Town Boredom

Um dos melhores já postados aqui

Small Town Boredom - Notes from the Infirmary 2010


Described by the band as an album to listen to on the morning after a night of drinking in solitude, “the harsh, sobering morning after, a life now in reins, a record full of regret, disappointment & broken faith. It is definitely a different musical prospect when compared to the music normally covered on the pages of Fluid Radio. The reason for that being that the album revolves around the vocals and lyrics sung. That of course doesn’t mean that the music takes a back seat, not at all. The music is somber acoustic guitar lines with varying elements entering the mix every now and then. A guitar melody here or a piano there, but all is done tastefully, and without intruding too much or taking the spotlight from the vocals. They are done to accent the lyrics, and they succeed in doing so. Fluid Radio (part).