domingo, 31 de julho de 2011


"bunny" formed as a four piece band midway through 2008. It all started with Maccas & Schlitzy dealing with some of life’s vicissitudes by making up songs on old guitars under a cold night sky next to the flames and embers of an open fire. Dunco got involved, brought it indoors, put Schlitzy back on the drum kit, got hold of an old digi recorder, and started shaping the songs and adding whatever extra instrument the song was asking for. When Shrappers came along for a jam and added a beautiful melancholy sound on his hollow bodied electric, we knew that we had something that we had to keep going – ‘bunny’ was born.

‘Why did you call the band bunny?’ we’re often asked. It comes from a line in one of the earliest songs – ‘come dim the light honey, you’re such a strange bunny, such a strange one in your way.’

Living in Tasmania, many of the songs have their genesis in remote environments in the landscape and coastline of the island. There tends to be lots of references to nature and a somewhat autumnal sensibility to the music. All of us have been involved in the visual arts for a long time, which which is probably why there’s such an architectural spaciousness to the songs and visual poetry in the lyrics.
Triple J Unearthed

bunny - future, past, the sea 2011
Alt-folk/indie/dark pop from Tasmania (female vocals)