terça-feira, 20 de setembro de 2011

Filosofia da Mente

From new questions concerning qualia, representation, embodiment and cognition to fresh thinking about the long-standing problems of physicalism, dualism, personal identity and mental causation, this book is an authoritative guide to the latest research in the Philosophy of Mind. Across thirteen entries, experts in the field explore the current thinking in one of the most active areas of interest in philosophy today.

To aid researchers further, the Companion also includes overviews of perennial problems and new directions in contemporary philosophy of mind, an extended glossary of terms for quick reference, a detailed chronology, a guide to research for ongoing study and a comprehensive bibliography of key classic and contemporary publications in the philosophy of mind.

Continuum Companion to Philosophy of Mind
James Garvey
Continuum 2011 PDF 417 pages 1,4 mb