segunda-feira, 19 de setembro de 2011

Cérebro e Música

Seção especial da revista Cortex, sobre Música no Cérebro

(só para quem tem senha do portal Capes, eu acho)

Special Section on Music in the Brain

Research Reports

Emotion rendering in music: Range and characteristic values of seven musical variables
Pages 1068-1081
Roberto Bresin, Anders Friberg

Simultaneous recording of electroencephalographic data in musicians playing in ensemble
Pages 1082-1090
Claudio Babiloni, Fabrizio Vecchio, Francesco Infarinato, Paola Buffo, Nicola Marzano, Danilo Spada, Simone Rossi, Ivo Bruni, Paolo M. Rossini, Daniela Perani

New fast mismatch negativity paradigm for determining the neural prerequisites for musical ability
Pages 1091-1098
Peter Vuust, Elvira Brattico, Enrico Glerean, Miia Seppänen, Satu Pakarinen, Mari Tervaniemi, Risto Näätänen

The role of mood and personality in the perception of emotions represented by music
Pages 1099-1106
Jonna K. Vuoskoski, Tuomas Eerola

Multidimensional scaling of emotional responses to music in patients with temporal lobe resection
Pages 1107-1115
D. Dellacherie, E. Bigand, P. Molin, M. Baulac, S. Samson

Impaired recognition of musical emotions and facial expressions following anteromedial temporal lobe excision
Pages 1116-1125
Nathalie Gosselin, Isabelle Peretz, Dominique Hasboun, Michel Baulac, Séverine Samson