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Matteah Baim - Death of the Sun

Matteah Baim - Death of the Sun 2007

Como uma das melhores páginas de críticas de discos da praça sempre foi a da Pitchfork, eis aqui (em parte) o que dizem por lá:

As it stands, Death of the Sun is two songs and nearly ten minutes finished before Baim conjures her first truly memorable melodic turn on "Wounded Whale", a hushed (natch) ecological lament that empties into the restrained psych-folk of the title track. Before the album can build upon this cautious momentum, Baim then digresses into a narcoleptic and completely superfluous version of the traditional "Michael Row the Boat Ashore", which is the type of performance that might work magic when actually gathered around the fire at a desert campsite-- maybe-- but almost certainly nowhere else. Baim recovers nicely with the spooky, flittering vocal harmonies of "Seven Stars" and "Who Loves", yet even these lovely pieces can seem half-finished and almost weightlessly ephemeral, their gauzy melodies always tantalizingly out of reach.

Baim and her group finally take the shackles off and turn the volume up slightly on the album closing "Up is North". Though it's still a far cry from grunge of any variant, the drums do at last provide a satisfying punch while reverberant acid guitar figures encircle Baim's wraith-like vocals, punctuating the album's submerged themes of loss and recovery. And while the moment lasts, Death of the Sun seems a valuable new refraction of the Metallic Falcons' "soft metal" soundscapes, one that perhaps can eventually inspire Matteah Baim to truly develop new genres worth naming.

Matthew Murphy, July 19, 2007


1. River

2. Dark Ship

3. Wounded Whale

4. Death of the Sun

5. Michael Row

6. Seven Stars

7. Who Loves

8. Far Away Songs

9. Up is North